Our Voice

The YWCA works as a voice for women by representing and promoting women’s perspectives on relevant issues.  We actively connect with other organisations and speak out on issues that relate to women, especially young women.

We were a key agency in the Prostitutes Law Reform Bill and Paid Parental Leave Legislation.  The YWCA as a staunch feminist movement has mellowed slightly to have a much stronger focus on human rights and social justice issues to eliminate all forms of oppression and violence against women and children. Read more about our herstory.

As well as speaking out on issues, we support young women that wish to have a voice for themselves and other young women in their region.  Our Do It Yourself resource – which was developed by young women – provides how-to guidance on developing an action plan for creating change.

“The DIY Guide…is about having a say.
It is about believing in yourself and
your ability to change your world.
It is about being part of something”

Our key messages may be delivered to decision and policy makers through making submissions, to the wider community through encouraging awareness of issues affecting women, and/or through supporting established campaigns to encourage action.

Collectively YWCA Member Associations across Aotearoa New Zealand have made submissions and encouraged young women’s participation and citizenship on a range of topics including:

We welcome opportunities to speak at public meetings, networking and other events about issues for women, particularly in women’s leadership and opportunities for young women.  Please contact us by using the enquiry form.

Many thanks to all our funders, without their support we could not provide the important services we do.

  • Guardian Trust Lottery Grants

YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand

+64 4 384 8117


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