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As part of World YWCA’s Pacific Region, the YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand has a commitment to contributing, resourcing and leading projects to enhance the capacity and profile of all YWCAs within the region.

Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Strategy

Safe. Respected. Included. Connected. Skilled.

We were part of the multi-agency group that contributed to the development of the Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Strategy, which was designed to help young women across the Pacific nations rise up as leaders in their communities

The Strategy is offered as a comprehensive agenda for any organisation wanting to engage young women and girls in their work and it is anticipated that YWCAs and stakeholders across the Pacific region will embrace the Strategy’s priorities and objectives.

A Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Strategy 2011-2014

YWCA Samoa

Linking in with the Pacific Young Women’s Leadership Strategy 2011-2014 goals of young women leaders being Safe, Included, Respected, Connected and Skilled, and our own strategic themes of Young Women’s Leadership and Young Women’s Safe Spaces, we have recently stepped into a mentoring relationship with YWCA Samoa.

Our mentoring role will focus on coordinating and supporting the revitalisation of the YWCA in Samoa and working with YWCA Samoa to develop and deliver Young Women’s leadership training initiatives across the Pacific that support the Strategy.

Many thanks to all our funders, without their support we could not provide the important services we do.

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